Rex Adventures: Games 

Rex & The Pirates' Treasure 
Remastered Edition

 A fan project focused on creating a renewed version of the debut game in the Rex Adventures series. All information about the R&PT RE project can be found on this page. The early access version is now available for download!

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Rex Adventures Archive

The archive allows for downloading games from the Rex Adventures series. The site contains information about the games, links for safe downloads, and lots of interesting details.

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Rex & Moles

A completely new adventure of Rex and Moles in pixel art style, maintaining the atmosphere, humor, and gameplay style of the original Adventures of Rex (and, oh dear, the difficulty level too). Try the three-hour demo and see for yourself. 

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Rex Adventures Community

Community creators

Bartek Brosz

Illustrator, graphic designer, press cartoonist, songwriter, creator of illustrative music. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at Gdańsk University of Technology. He debuted as a cartoonist in 1991 in Gazeta Olsztyńska. He has illustrated dozens of books and school textbooks. He is the author of several children's books that have been published in Poland and abroad. He is the creator of graphics and music for many computer games, including the "Adventures of Rex" series.

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Kret Kretes Records

The channel focuses on content related to the "Adventures of Rex" series created by Aidem Media. The foundation of the channel was the creation of full game recordings without voice commentary, incorporating unused audio files, and editing the videos to be as viewer-friendly as possible. Over time, the content has evolved in more relaxed directions

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Polish Zentrum of Rex Adventures

The channel is hosted by Kaczor Dziennikarski, the creator and founder of the Polish Zentrum of Rex Adventures. In the fandom, he is known for overinterpreting and spinning wild stories. When not analyzing the Adventures of Rex, he is a student of physics and astronomy, a writer, and a K-pop enthusiast. Known to young players from the channel he started in 2020, he is also involved in other fan projects, such as the audio drama "Mysteries and Travels of the Glorious 19th Century," where he serves as the Narrator and works on script editing.

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Graphic designer and motion designer. The creator of the visual aspect of Rex and Moles Pirates Remastered. No artistic technique holds any secrets from him. Graphics tablet? No problem! Paper and pencil? Piece of cake! He looks for every possible opportunity to dive into a creative whirlwind, limited only by free time and boundless imagination. Daily, he doodles quietly so he can later show off to anyone who crosses his path. The idea to completely redraw the levels in Rex Adventures stems from one of these artistic freestyles.

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